I produce inter-subjective reference materials: charts, maps, blueprints, and encyclopedias that take form as weavings, thread drawings, prints, and artist’s books. These works fuse text and textiles to address climate change, the housing crisis, and other traumas and insecurities experienced as both social and personal. I work with textiles—as structures, systems of knowledge, and the material of everyday life—to create physical and psychological, material and metaphoric, temporal and geographic links between social change and our lives as experienced in our homes and on our bodies. Situated within global practices of women creatively reusing materials to produce objects of care and connection, my process is one of deconstructing and restructuring. Lines of thread are a pathway, allowing us to trace knots of violence and displacement; disentangling and then re-weaving structures of intimacy.  

Tali Weinberg is one of the exhibiting artists for Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home.

IMAGE: Tali Weinberg, It's Not Just About the Rain, 2015. California-grown organic cotton dyed with madder root and cochineal. 20" x 145". Photo Credit: Phillip Maisel.