Resa Blatman is a visual and installation artist based out of Somerville, MA. Blatman received an MFA from Boston University in 2006. Blatman’s work comments on climate change and environmental issues.

Filled with intention, her process involves heavily layered paintings and installations, combining paint, assemblage, intricately laser-cut forms, and text. This complexity is meant to reveal nature’s vast beauty, but also its delicate state when subject to the hands of modern humanity. Inspired by decorative Victorian, Baroque, and romantic art, Blatman transforms traditional decorative objects into beautifully rendered micro-environments that hauntingly model humanity’s tendency to tame and mold nature, and nature’s struggle to resist those efforts. Blatman’s work invites a deeper look at the overwhelming changes to our planet that have serious implications for food sustainability.

Resa Blatman is one of the exhibiting artists for Food Justice: Growing a Healthier Community.