WMAHS Takes Initiative on Mental Health

West Mifflin Area High School has formed the Stand Together Team, a student-lead group that aims to produce activities around the school and community that promote education on mental health, provide resources on how to get help if in a crisis, and teach others to have empathy for those who struggle with mental health conditions. Their work is funded by grant money awarded by the Allegheny Office and the Staunton Farm Foundation.

The Stand Together Team has created programs like the Mental Health Cupcake Day fundraiser for families in the community in crisis and a "One in Four" Day where every fourth locker was marked to demonstrate that 1 in 4 teenagers will be diagnosed with a mental health condition. The group has also taken on large-scale events like their Glow Dance, where the proceeds benefited the National Alliance on Mental Health and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  

SCC is proud to recognize the accomplishments of the Stand Together Team, who visited Mindful in November 2015.  

You can stay updated on the Stand Together Team's progress on their website.