artist statement

I am deeply fascinated with imperfection and the complexity of the natural cycle of growth, decay and death. These processes govern life from one place to another. By highlighting what is viewed as imperfect I seek to bring relevance to the object. My use of site-specific art as a medium expands the conceptual meaning and purpose of the object, giving me the freedom to play with the view of time and location. Relevant to the site from which it has been excavated, each found object is a unique representation of the interrelationships between time, location, perception, and importance. Each site is unique to its self and carries a history of distant memories waiting to be told. 

Motoko Furuhashi is one of the exhibiting artists for Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home.

IMAGE: Motoko Furuhashi, Ornament (detail), 2011. Street segments and nugold. 21.75" x 19.25" x 3.15".