Artist Statement

Human social interactions are complex behaviors. Often many are unaware of how they are acting, feeling and interacting with others. We live so often in a condition of being obscured from ourselves and others. The things that can isolate one can be social conventions, politeness; or it can be personal: timidity, self-fear or self-blindness, fatigue.

I used clear glass as a way of seeing through ones actions and intents. Each element of the glass works in Echoes depicts a pair of overlapped faces created in fused glass powder arranged so as to create a new, third face. The imagery suggests the struggle to balance the different worlds that collide together, of out of body experiences and of contrasting mixed state episodes.

I see the interaction of the non-aligned faces as a depiction of the fate of both the inner and outer worlds. I wanted to show a sense of connection between the worlds. One cannot change without leaning a little further into the shared world, and without recognizing that even in one’s solitude, one is always at some point touching someone else.