Artist Statement

Regarding Depression:

There have been times when I have been depressed. I know what depression is like. The text of this book was written by Allie Brosh, creator of the online blog, Hyperbole and a Half. She knows what of she speaks. This is the truest description of depression that I have ever heard — at least in my experience. Please go to the address below and read her entire post. It is so true. It will, indeed, give you an insight into what goes on in a depressed person’s mind. 

Regarding The Conversation:

This is a true depiction of conversations and events that led up to my long time friend’s suicide. It was something I never suspected in all the time we were friends until I received the last two communications between us. It was then that I sensed that something was not right. Something was very wrong.  My suspicions were confirmed by an email from someone who was a friend to both of us. She only mentioned that our friend had died, but I knew what happened — I just knew it.  It was confirmed soon after.

Please read and view everything in this book and box.

Perhaps you know someone in the same circumstances — Someone who is throwing out the same hints. Take them seriously. You may be able to save them. 

Joan Iversen Goswell is one of the exhibiting artists for Mindful: Exploring Mental Health through Art.