In this society, which is becomingly increasingly estranged from its own natural environment, the subtle balance of life is being thrown awry by our own wants and desires. We head blindly towards an existence devoid of our own unique heritage and spirituality. 

My journey, a path that is both lonely and fulfilling, leads towards a refuge hidden by distance and my thoughts. Within these walls built by past people, I sit, listen, and look at a transforming vista. In the changing light of day I witness nature’s dawn and dusk, both sublime and transcendental in its beauty.  

In my solitude, I find an understanding of a landscape that both surrounds and lies within me. 

Holly Grace is one of the exhibiting artists for Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home.

IMAGE: Holly Grace, Round Mountain Hut, 2016. Blown glass, kiln formed and silver stain with integrated LED light. Photo Credit: David McArthur of Parallax Photography.