Artist Statement

Regarding Man in a Lifeboat:

The structure is given – a bowl form and the inside round portion is delineated with a few, free form, light painting – the black band is applied which adds to the overall structure. In my type of painting the first figure emerges, is seen and the development of the painting proceeds.  One line leads to another; a bird and a fish appear; the lifeboat is added (the bowl might have been called “Man in an Alive Boat”); a non-descript, faceless figure appears in the background; adding a sparse pattern inside of the banding completes the form.

No preconception, no intention is brought into the painting. No narrative is applied. The tone of the bowl is ‘light’ (as opposed to darkness); there is an awareness of surroundings; the principal figure is protector.

Painting for me is much like jazz, like free form dance, like imagistic poetry, like stream-of-consciousness writing; the experience of seeing the bowl with all of its elements is just that – experiential, defying a writing or a narrative.  The piece is encouraging and mindful.

Edward Eberle is one of the exhibiting artists for Mindful: Exploring Mental Health through Art.