Since Europeans first came to this continent, there have been battles over our borders. My work celebrates the notions of land and spirit, questioning the clarity of this country and its borders.  

Empowered by threads, inspired by “anonymous” handwork, and driven by a desire for justice and freedom, I seek to heal bi-cultural wounds incurred by national biases that have immigrated to America from across the seas.  

The flag embodies the history, ideals and aspirations of a nation.  Tenaciously, “by a thread,” flora, fauna, and celestial entities are quietly observing, and sigh with dismay, “Why can’t they get along?” 

Consuelo Underwood is one of the exhibiting artists for Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home.

IMAGE: Consuelo Underwood, One Nation Underground, 2013. Fiber, Fabric, Leather, Threads. 56" x 90".