artist statement

I build ceramic figure sculptures that reflect on the nature of the human condition and the lived urban experience. I work with clay because, as a material, it says a lot about how people are “built”—literally, metaphorically, and philosophically. My bodies are fragmented, and my architectural language blends with human anatomy to give each sculpture the personality of a city. Single buildings celebrate individuality or elevate the mundane; collectively, they create tenuous landscapes where strength and vulnerability fight, constantly seeking balance. Moreover, each piece is greater than the sum of its parts—an end state that is equally true of buildings, cities, and people.

Clara Grace Hoag is one of the exhibiting artists for Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home.

IMAGE: Clara Grace Hoag, Cleopatra, 2016. Fire clay, oxide wash. 21.5" x 7.5" x 8.5".