Artist Statement

Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. is a letterpress printer, papermaker, and builder of artist's books currently based in Detroit, MI. Kennedy uses the early technology of the letterpress printer to produce works reflecting contemporary social concerns. His chipboard posters with messages reflects his views on issues of community health, power, race, and identity. Emotionally resonant, Kennedy’s work embodies passion and encourages people to think in previously unexplored ways.

Kennedy earned his MFA in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1997, and has gone on to lecture and teach around the world. In 2015, Kennedy was named a United States Artist Glasgow Fellow; recognition as one of America’s most accomplished and innovative artists.

“I believe printing, especially the kind of printing that I do is a very democratic thing. And I believe that people need to have that. We need to break down this wall of exclusivity.”

Amos Kennedy Jr. is one of the exhibiting artists for Food Justice: Growing a Healthier Community.