Artist Statement

Regarding J’attends:

 J'attends, to wait, features a prone head with hollow eyes. When the viewer peers inside the head they witness a small solitary light bulb surrounded by moths. it is a view into a mind which is anticipating the advent of madness.

Regarding Pret-a-Porter:

Two suitcases sitting on the floor. One suitcase is set ajar to reveal a pallid skin neatly folded to fit within the case and "Pret-a-Porter", ready to be worn. The fragile withdrawn figure, which is made of paper resembles the vulnerable soft shell of a newly emerging insect. Pearl buttons close the seams at the wrist like the buttons on kid gloves. It is ambiguous as to whether this is an old skin sloughed off or a new skin awaiting to be donned.

Alison Saar is one of the exhibiting artists for Mindful: Exploring Mental Health through Art.