Shelter is universally identified as a basic human right, yet refuge and protection are out of reach for millions of people worldwide. How does lack of safety, from the physical elements as well as unseen external dangers, affect our psyche and ability to live and flourish? Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home provides a forum for craft artists’ responses to issues of shelter—global and local, public and private—in relationship to four main themes:

  • Asylum: The current refugee crisis in Europe has resulted in the highest number of forcibly displaced people worldwide since WWII. This theme explores issues of refugees, immigrants, and disaster relief.
  • Home: Home is where the heart is, yet on any given night nearly 650,000 people experience homelessness in America. This theme examines notions of home, homelessness, ownership, and personal agency.
  • Place: Between 2000 and 2014, rents in the U.S. increased an average of 53%, dramatically outpacing changes in median household incomes. What happens when the economy rapidly changes the face of our cities and neighborhoods? This theme explores ideas of gentrification, neighborhood identity, development, population growth/decline, and opportunities for creative placemaking. 
  • Sanctuary: Shelter is more than four walls and a roof. It is the inner-peace that results from feeling safe and secure. This theme examines more abstract notions of shelter including personal space, sacred space, solitude, and intimacy.